Standards Updates since 4/2018

Information Updates

Below is a current listing of the standards completed or withdrawn since the publication of the current ASABE Standards CD-Rom/Flash Drive 2018. The updated CD/Flash Drive publication is available in late spring of each year.

For information on ISO activities, contact the assigned ASABE Administrator found here.

Projects approved:

X575.2, Farm and Agricultural Injury Classification (FAIC) Code

X8759-1:2018, Agricultural tractors - Front-mounted equipment - Part 1: Power take-off: Safety requirements and clearance zone around PTO (Press Release PDF)

X8759-3:2018, Agricultural tractors - Front-mounted equipment - Part 3: Power take-off: General specifications and location (Press Release PDF)

X8759-4:2018, Agricultural tractors - Front-mounted equipment - Part 4: Three-point linkage (Press Release PDF)

X292.6, Uniform Terminology for Rural Waste Management

X22000, Food saftey managemente systems - requirements for any organization in the food chain

X20383, Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Speed Identfication Sign (SIS)

X620.1, Safety of Anhydrous Ammonia Application Equipment

X619.1, Safety for Tractor-Mounted Boom-Type Post Hole Diggers

X583.2, Safety for Agricultural Front End Loaders

X606, Properties and Relationships for Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) (Press release PDF)

X631, Machine Vision Method of Forage or Biomass Particle Size and Size Distribution (Press release PDF)

New standards approved since the last publication:

ANSI/ASABE S638 MAY2019 Pintle Hitch and Ring for Over the Road Towed Implements (Press release PDF)
ASABE S573 OCT2018ED Procedures for Evaluating Variable-Rate Granular Material Application Accuracy in Broadcast Spreaders (Press release PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S647 OCT2018 Seed Cotton Module Identification System (Press release PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S642 SEP2018 Recommended Methods for Measurement and Testing of LED Products for Plant Growth and Development (Press Release PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S624 AUG2018 Grain Bin Access Design Safety (Press Release PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S632-1 JUN2018 Precision Agriculture Irrigation Language: Core Concepts, Processes, and Objects (Press release PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S632-3 JUN2018 Precision Agriculture Irrigation Language: Irrigation System Operations (Press release PDF)


Droplet Size Classification of Aerial Application Nozzles (Press release PDF)

Revisions since the last publication:

ASAE S431.4 MAY2019 2000-RPM Front and Mid PTO for Lawn and Garden Ride-on Tractors and Commercial Turf Equipment, Mid PTO for Compact Utility Tractors
ANSI/ASABE S639.2 FEB2019 Safety Standard for Large Row-Crop Flail Mowers
ANSI/ASABE S433.1 JAN2019 Loads Exerted by Free-Flowing Grain on Bins
ANSI/ASABE S602.3 OCT2018 General Safety Standard for Agricultural Tractors in Scraper Application (Press Release PDF)
ASAE/ISO 5687:2018 OCT2018 Equipment for harvesting - Combine harvesters - Determination and designation of grain tank capacity and unloading device performance (Press Release PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S604.2 OCT2018 Safety for Power Take-off (PTO), PTO Drive Shafts, and Power Input Connection (PIC) for Agricultural Field Equipment
ASABE S591.1 APR2018 Procedure for Measuring Point Trip Force and Maximum Trip Height of Tillage Shank Assemblies (Press Release PDF)
ASAE S341.5 MAY2018 Procedure for Measuring Distribution Uniformity and Calibrating Granular Broadcast Spreaders (Press release PDF)
ASAE S487.1 MAY2018 Moisture Measurement - Tobacco
ASAE EP415.3 JUN2018 Safety Color Code for Educational and Training Laboratories
ANSI/ASABE S613-3.1 JUN2018 Tractors and self-propelled machinery for agriculture — Air quality systems  tractor for cabs — Part 3: Filters for environmental cab HVAC systems (Press Release PDF)
ASAE S324.2 JUL2018 Volumetric Capacity of Open-Top Manure Spreaders - Dual Rating Method (Press Release PDF)
ANSI/ASAE S572.2 JUL2018 Spray Nozzle Classification by Droplet Spectra
ANSI/ASABE S625.1 JUL2018 Drawbar Pin Dimensions and Requirements for Towing Machine with Clevis(Press Release PDF)
ANSI/ASAE S315.5 AUG2018 Agricultural Baling Twine for Automatic Balers (Press release PDF)
ANSI/ASAE S354.7 SEP2018 Safety for Farmstead Equipment


Withdrawals since the last publication:

ANSI/ASAE S493.1, Guarding for Agricultural Equipment